Friday, September 17, 2010

The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion

Complacency or compassion?
Tsunamis and hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, earthquakes and wildfires display nature's wild fury. Natural disasters strike worldwide, often leaving heart-rendering damage and human suffering in their wake. We often watch these tragedies unfolding on T.V., from the comfort of our warm, dry, safe homes. We sigh and even cry tears but soon return to our lives of ease and comfort, too easily forgetting the vast sea of suffering and turmoil of our fellow human beings. Worldwide response to these sudden, cataclysmic events is often uplifting and inspiring. Human caring is evidenced in many forms throughout the global community. People come together, recognizing the need to act with compassion and awareness of our interdependence. The spark of compassion in every human soul keeps hope alive that one day peace, harmony and unity among all races and peoples are possible.

Compassion with a purpose!
Our capacity for compassion is apparent as we learn how to manage crises and seek ways to prevent tragedies. Rick Warren's best-selling book, "The Purpose Driven Life", resonates with millions. Warren cites compassion as an integral component to finding destiny, direction and meaning in our lives. How high is compassion on our personal list of priorities? It is often a matter of choice. Do we choose to lend a hand or do we simply allow our neighbor's suffering to continue unchecked? Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist, author and Holocaust survivor, cites three methods for finding meaning and fufillment in spite of tragic circumstance: "1. Doing a good deed or creating a work. 2. Experiencing something loving or loving someone. 3. Turning unavoidable, unchanging tragedy into personal triumph."

Surviving and soothing suffering
Out of our own brokenness, we are free to choose, to act, to persevere. This response/able habit illustrates the Law of Compassion outlined in Chapter 5 of "Family Power": "The suffering and brokenness of another person can be truly understood only by having experienced the same or similar circumstance." Supportive outreach breaks the silence of those suffering in solitude. Common experiences coupled with compassionate action can allow us to fully experience love and loving relationships. The power of healing is enormous when we who suffer seek all the powers within ourselves, our compassionate support system and our loving
Creator. By choosing to change our attitudes, we can provide and receive the power of compassion!

Powerful Words for Family Power!
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